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    I'm just your regular author writing yaoi(s)... I personally like the bubbly kind of fics but sometimes the darker ones are preferable too... I don't like the fics where there's too much angst going on because it makes it tedious to read or write... hehehe... that's it for my drabble... see ya later! thanks XD I LOVE YAOIS!!! and maybe a few shoujos I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CUTE THINGS!!! well, I love the pairings: [sasu/naru][ita/naru][kiba/naru][zabu/haku][ita/sasu (when it's good)][mostly everyone/naru] I REALLY CANT IMAGINE NARUTO THAN A VERY WILLING UKE!!! hehehehe I also LOVE pairings such as: BLEACH: [ichigo/hitsugaya/ichigo][renji/ichigo/renji][chad/ichigo][isshin/ichigo] DIGIMON: [taito or yamachi][yamato/takeru][taichi/takeru][taichi/daisuke][daisuke/takeru] FF8: [seifer/squall][seifer/zell][zell/squall][raijin/squall/seifer] FF7: [zack/cloud][seph/cloud][zack/cloud/seph][cid/cloud] FMA: [roy/ed][al/ed][havok/ed][scar/ed] and many others more...

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