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    Name: Peregrinate on a Tutles Back

    Age: When age truly matters shall I tell.

    Sex: Female.

    Location: Out in the sea, serching for the world.

    Occupation: Student

    Language: English, small amounts of spanish, a little bit of sign language, and a little japanese.

    Smoke/Drink?: No/Hell No

    Hobbies: Oh I have plenty of those. There's typing/writing (which I am doing right now). Dispite my horrible grammer problems (sorry chicks/dudes, working on a mac here) I some day hope of a beta or at least someone who can point out my mistakes and tell me what to do to fix it, other then look in the dictionary to look for the right word (in other words, I amd searching for a grammar nazi). Then there is drawing. Yes people, I know. One of those wannabe anime artist here. But I'm not only trying Japanese art. I'm also doing any kind of cartoons I can do. It has been a dream of mine to become an animator in Pixars or Square Enix. Though Pixar is my main target since it is in the US.

    As any other FanFiction writer under the anime and game catagory, I like to watch anime! Since anime is a hobbie and a favorit, you'll have to go to Favorits to see what kind I like. And just like anime, I like to play video games. Class and kind will be in favorits too. I like to play around with the camera here in there since I took some type of photography class. Though I didn't last long in that class, I'm still taking pictures anyway. I like to self improve on certain things.

    I like to read... a lot! Hence the Manga and books such as An Alchemy of Mind, Tides of War, Kite Runner, etc. You'll see more under favorits. And if you know me well enough, then you'll be seeing me do as much puzzles as I can get my hands on, no matter what level of dificulty it is.

    Last, but not least: Music! Back then, I use to play the trumpet in elementry school. And I did all throughout middle school too. But with time, the talent soon goes. Adios my lovely trumpet playing skills. I'd say you'd be missed... if the stupied trumpet I inherited wasn't in peices in the first place! Ah well. But still, I have chased after the two insterments I truly do want to play. Even though I couldn't play the one I truly wanted to play, the piano is more then enough for me. Now all I need to know are the scales and keys. And then... weeeee!!!

    And now we come to...


    Animes/Cartoons: Blue Gender, Naruto, Sailor moon, Dragon Ball Z/GT, Gundam Wing, Ouran High School Host Club, Inuyasha, Escaflowne, FullMetal Alchemist, Trigun, Cowboy Bepbop, .hack/SIGN, Final Fantasy VII Last Order, The Maxx, Aeon Flux, Batman (mid 1990's?), Spiderman (mid 1990's?), Animaniacs, X-Men, Beatlejuice(is that right?), Avitar the Last Airbender, Decendences of Darkness, and Ruronin Kenshin.

    Manga/Comics: Mars, Wish, Naruto, Under the Glass Moon, Ranma 1/2, Inuyasha, Love Hina, Legend of Zelda, and Garfield.

    Movies: The Exorcist, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, Akira, Steam Boy, The Last Samuri, Howls Moving Castle, Vampier Hunter D, My Neighbors the Yamagatas (sp?), Armageddon, The Fifth Element, Spanglish, Blue Collor Stand Up Tour, Tokyo Godfathers, Crash, Nassica of the Valley of the Wind, Finding Nemo, Little Nemo, and Mulan.

    Games: Final Fantasy IX, I, II, VI, VIII, VII, X, and XII, Wild Arms ACF and 2, Resident Evil (I can't play it, but I love to watch it), Silent Hill (Same as Resident Evil), Soul Caliber II, Smash Bros., Legend of Zelda, and Halo.

    Artists: Leonardo da Vinci, Blackmago, Rogie Custodio, Yu Kagei, Hirofumi Fujiko, Nanamirio, Shunpei, Noriko Meguro, Nini, Ryuya, Mey Suzuki, Ippei Gyoubu, Hinoki Amamori, Sunaho Tobe, and Amano Yoshitaka.

    Bands: Thievery Corporation, Gypsy Kings, Gustavo Santaolalla, System of a Down, Mana (the spanish group, not be mistaken by Mana of Japan), The Cranberries, Hikaru Utada, Clint Marshell, Gotan Project, Hitoshi Sakimoto, Incubus, Linkin Park, Nobuo Uematsu, Michiko Naruke, and Black Mage.

    Books: The Stand, Harry Potter, The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, Lord of the Rings, The Kite Runner, An Alchemy of Mind, A Child Called It, Lost Boy, A Man Named David, and How to Draw Books.

    Final Fantasy IX: Vivi and Zidane
    Final Fantasy X: Lulu, Kimari, and Auron
    Final Fantasy VII: Zack, Barret, and Vincent
    Final Fantasy VIII: Zell and Irven
    FullMetal Alchemist: Roy and Havoc
    Trigun: Vash, Nicholas, and Kuroneko (the cat of Trigun)
    Naruto: Naruto, Neji, Shikomaru, and TenTen
    Vampire Hunter D: Dee
    Wild Arms ACF: Zed, Jack, and Ruby
    Legend of Zelda: Link, Sheik, and Navi

    Final Fantasy IX: KUJA!!!
    Final Fantasy X: Seymour
    Final Fantasy VII: Hojo and Sephiroth
    Trigun: Legato
    Naruto: OROCHIMARU-SAMA!!! Oh and Sasori

    Sports: Soccer and Tennis

    Songs: Passion, Zombie, Tango Flamenco, La Partida, One Winged Angel, Gaucho, Wind, Alive, Vamo's Alla Flamenco, Moondance, Only One, Revenga, Till the Morning, Hevean's Gonna Burn Your Eyes, Supream Illusion, Tomarrow, Morbid Fasination, Hills of Ireland, Water, From Anxiety to Impatience, Raise Thy Sword, Scream [Fly Dream, Época, and Moonlight Sonota.

    "Live like you will die tomarrow, dream like you will live forever." -James Dean

    "Khehehe…what a bunch of idiots."-Kuja

    "Peace is but a shadow of death, desparate to forget it's painful past. Though we hope for promising years, after shedding a thousand tears, yesterday's sorrow constantly nears. And while the moon still shines blue, by dawn, it will turn to scarlet hue." -Kuja

    “Shut up! I didnt ask for your number!” -Kuja

    "To have a precious someone to protect will you become truly strong." -Haku

    "No, you don't get it, thats why I'm telling you. You think you get it, which isn't the same as actually getting it. Get it?" -Kakashi

    "Those in the ninja world who break the rules and regulations are called filth, but those who don't care about their companions... are even lower than filth." -Uchiha Obito

    "Hey! Ha, ha, ha... They say if your friends give you the cold shoulder, or you feel left out, it means they must be planning for your birthday. And what do you know, I was excluded. And they're all here. They must be planning me an awesome surprise party!!" -Zed

    Now it's time for...

    Dislike: I loath anything bitter. Coffee, dark chocolate, black chai tea, plane jamica, anything. But I don't really like a load of sweet things either. One sweet I absolutly hate with a fiery passion is cotten candy. The sight, smell, and taste. It makes me feel sick.

    I loath rap music. I don't like it at all. No I'm not liking it because it's 'corrupting' youth of today. Honestly I don't think music can influence a person enough to become the way they are. Even if the results are good or bad. I just don't like the beats and the meaning behind the majority of the songs I hear. To me it's wrong and disturbing. And frankly it's geting worse and worse.

    I loath teachers who do not have the right to call themselves teachers. Not only because they can't teach things worth shit, but you get in trouble when correcting them and you get knocked down a grade for it. OR when you are going to class to learn something only to learn that the class is becoming more of an teach it yourself class because the teacher doesn't know what s/he is talking about. AND IT'S ANNOYING!

    I loath women who does any kind of drugs while she is pregnate. Go ahead, kill yourself AFTER you have the baby... Stupied bitches...

    But most of all I absolutly, postivily, out rightously, loath, with every vibrant of my body, OC! (Original Charachters) I don't like it. Don't ask why, I just don't. I avoid them like a plague. There are some stories that I can tolerate and it's the one where they are not paired up with the main or sub charachters. They are just... there. Either playing the roll as the informer or the new villian after the latest has been diminished. Other then that, I cannot stand it. If I ever create an oc and it's a part of the main charachters, it's because s/he will die as soon as the chapter ends or until the begining of the next chapter. Either way, you will not see me making them. I see no point in it.

    Story Status:



    Well I have created this account for the sole purpose of reviewing stories I couldn't review as an non-member person. Though I believe I will be able to think up of a story worthy of AFF.net I have some stories up in FF.net as well. Feel free to check me out there. My pen name is the same as AFF.net.


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