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    I do yaoi rps. o.o
    Not well, but I do...

    I love Jpop/Kpop/Jrock and I love adultfiction for having them as options.

    So like... this user is for two people (no, I'm not bipolar): Redeim and Velexa... The story as to why:
    One day last school (while i was still in high school), we decided we wanted to write fanfics while visiting the college I'm currently at (we were bored waiting for my parents in the car). We didn't get to finish by the ride home, so we had to think of a way to send it to each other (We both have email, but Velexa never really checked it at the time). So we decided to use Gaia. That was back around March or April (I think it was spring break).
    A couple days ago, we finished a YeSungxRyeoWook (more commonly known as YeWook) story. And we wanted to show it to the world. Since it was etchy, I didn't want to post it in my Gaia journal like a few of my other fics... I also didn't want to use my fanfiction account, because a lot of people think I'm dead anyways... x3 Plus, they didn't have Super Junior or DBSK... which is who we write fics about.
    So then, that's the story of why we're here. :3

    Birthdate: April 7 (remember it or she'll eat you)
    likes: yaoi, being perverse, making lame puns and blaming Yunho, RPing, being demanding (I love you... really. xD)
    Dislikes: me (not really...), lots of food my parents make, RyeoWook ( or does she? O.o), STUFF.

    Birthdate: February 18 (remember it or I'll eat you)
    likes: yaoi, long walks on the beach (okay... playing in the water and sand but still...), RPing, making up crazy stories (usually involves a unicorn somewhere...) and blaming JaeJoong, getting into Japanese class at my college even though it was full. :)
    Dislikes: everything not yaoi or Asian. .___.

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