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  • Bio of 3, 2 boys (13 and 10) and a girl (7), step-mother to two girls (19 and 10) degrees in Physical and Forensic Anthropology and Egyptology (1998), Master's Degree in Museum Studies (2013),I spend a lot of my time and energy raising my kids and writing. I am married to a wonderful man, a professor of mathematics from Russia who really makes life interesting.

     I find fan fiction to be wonderful way to work out plots and my personal demons through stories. You can usually count on some humor and lots of lemons LOL. The occasional dark fic finds its way into the mix too.

    I devour romance novels like candy. They are an addiction for me. I love to write and I have several original works as well as fan-fiction. I should note that I do not claim to be a great editor! LOL...

    I have said many times that when it comes to writing, some things just do not pop out at me where type-Os are concerned. Now, set me in front of a set of remains, a crime scene or an archaeological site and I will notice every little minor detail....Im just wired that way I suppose....and keep in mind, I write late at night, so my brain isnt always fully engaged....and sometimes the type-os are a result of me trying to use creative wording.

    NOTE TO READERS: I think I should make a point of saying that I am not a Canon Nazi....I never claimed my stories to be anything close to book compatible, they are very much alternate understandings, my own tales spun with the use of characters from one of my favorite series of books. If you dont like that, please dont read, and if you read, do not leave nasty comments simply because you prefer things to be strictly doctrine. Constructive criticism is always appreciated, but nastiness just for the sake of nastiness benefits no one.

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