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    Hello there. Welcome to my author account.

    Not much here at the moment, kind of strapped for fiction ideas. Anyone want a oneshot? Drop me a line.



    Fandom- Harry Potter
    Pairing- Severus Snape/Harry Potter
    Summary- Harry is forced to take a new drug called �Infinity� by his Potions Professor. After his first hit, Harry doesn�t want to be away from the enigmatic force that is Severus Snape. AU
    Rating- Adult++
    Progress- Writing chapter seven.

    Left In the Cold
    Fandom- Harry Potter
    Pairing- Lucius Malfoy/Severus Snape, plus other unimportant minor couples.
    Rating- Adult++
    Progress- Writing chapter four. On hold indefinitely.

    Completed Projects:

    In the Enemy's Fortress
    Fandom- Danny Phantom Rating-

    "Spend the Afternoon With Kanji?"
    Fandom- Persona 4
    Rating- Adult++


    Emotional Bonding
    Fandom: Supernatural
    Rating - Adult{+

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