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    Hey y'all. Just thought I'd tell ya a little something about myself: I'm 21, almost 22. Anyways, I have a baby boy due the day after Christmas that I'm really excited about. So I guess since I'm not aloud to work anymore (dr orders) and a new computer, I guess I'll write some more.. I do have some new fics in the works, lets see how these work out. I started to write fan fictions I'd say the year Nsync got really popular. I still remember sitting on my porch with my then bestfriend Jen writing it. It was complete shit, but I still remember it. 7th grade, hell yea long time ago. I did quit writing fan fictions for nearly 2 years before starting back up in mid 2005. 'Corruption' Nov 2005 was the biggest thing I wrote in a long time. Before that it was 'Second Generation Punks'. Before that I was mostly writing slash pop-punk stories. FanFiction.net - HARRY POTTER! HP Ships I Prefer: Draco/Hermione, Draco/Ginny, FredGeorge/Hermione, Seamus/Hermione, Seamus/Ginny, Oliver/Hermione, Cedric/Hermione (in which he LIVES) -- Slash -> Draco/Harry, Oliver/Cedric, Seamus/Dean, Seamus/Draco, Oliver/Draco HP Ships I DON'T Prefer: Mostly what ended up cannon -> Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione - Harry/Hermione Stories Coming Soon: Fantasy or Reality Draco/Hermione Believe Draco/Hermione What's The Secret? - Draco/Hermione Always Be - Cedric/ Hermione Stories I've Written That Are Posted Elsewhere: Series: The Perfect One - Zac Efron First Story- "Saying I Love You" - Complete Second Story- Always There - WIP One Chance - Nick & Aaron Carter - Incomplete - Hiatus Life Without You - Aaron Carter & Jesse McCartney Slash - Incomplete - Hiatus Innocence - Aaron Carter - Incomplete - Abandoned Plagiarize - Ryan Key & Alex Lewis (Yellowcard) Slash - Complete Corruption - Jesse McCartney - Incomplete - Abandoned Reconciliation - Jesse McCartney & Chris Trousdale Non-Slash - Incomplete - Abandoned All For Love - Jesse McCartney - Incomplete - WIP

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