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    *Profile updated 5-7-18* I am my own beta, so I claim all responsibility for any spelling and grammatical errors that may/will occur. XP

    Nothing special about me. I'm just your average video game/anime/manga-loving madwoman. ;)

    I have a oneshot based on a story called Black Star Cross (by the author Young Sage,) who I have a link to in my Fav Authors link over there. *points to left* It was written as part of a pair of oneshots to celebrate the fact that BSC and my own story (Strangers in the night) were published on this website on the same day, August 1st. I had the honor of writing his characters in my oneshot, and he used mine. Since he's the more popular author, both stories can be found in his little corner of AFF, which are called "Break" and "Keep Me Not in Suspense."

    Currently writing an Undertale AU fanfic. Not a popular one but hey, it's what I get for writing as just a hobby. :P

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