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    Young Sage here and yes, things are looking a bit bare here. Things aren't going as I'd expected, both in real life and with my stories, so my stories are being put on hold again. I don't know when I'll post anything. I'd wager you keep checking back once a month to see if anything's been posted. For all the new people checking this profile out, check out all my stories! They're all guaranteed to be good! Or, you can read the reviews first for further confirmation of my greatness. Thanks for reading!

    *EDIT 9/4/12*  A new story is up, Happenings Between Goals, in the Pokemon- General section.  It's my first serious attempt at fanfiction, so have a look see.  It's currently the ONLY story I'm working on, so hopes of another awesome Slash story being put up, prepare to be dashed.

    *EDIT 5/6/18*  Who knew?  A new story is yet again up, Daydream Believer, in the Original-Romance-General section.  It's a hodgepodge of different genres, all mixed in with romance in a certain way.  Go check it out!  The story will be updated regularly until it is all up, so you won't have to worry about yet another story you like being abandoned.

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