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    July 30: ND is currently on hold. Had a authors block for a couple of months and lost complete interest. I'm slowly re-writing every chapter because what I have now is crap. If you read my story, did it ever cross your mind why Kagome seemed so ..bold and preppy in the first chapter and then all of a sudden it went downhill and she became the cheap, shy victim? Sigh. No matter what though, I will finish this story, (for my own sake). Thanks! Aloha everyone! I've been a silent reader for a veerry long time. I have 4 stories written but they're very amateur compared to some great ones that I've read. I just can't put my thoughts on paper! My fear of writing a horrible story and my silly grammar mistakes always keep me from writing. But then now I think- I like writing stories .. what the hay! I need to loosen up a little, I know. My favourite couple is Kag/Sess,. I have really high expectations when I read those. I'm fine with any pairing that includes Kagome really, cept for Miroku ..Shippo ... you know. But I don't really pay much attention to Sango/Miroku. Ahaha, sry! Also, one things that just urks me: why don't people review? (I'm not asking for much of anything) but I think you should let the author know how they're progressing or simple feedback. It's so sad to see 1000 hits and 3 reviews, when the story's awesome. WELL, good thing is that I'M a reviewer :).. who can get carried away sometimes. Aha

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