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    **Naruto/Shippuuden = my favourite anime/manga of all time. 'Nuff said.** Other anime and/or manga likings: Kakashi Gaiden Bleach Inuyasha Samurai X Rurouni Kenshin Full Metal Alchemist Busou Renkin Fruits Basket ...And many more that I can't remember. Video Games: Final Fantasy IV to XII (minus XI) The Legend of Dragoon Zelda Soul Caliber III Naruto; Ultimate Ninja 2 Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles 2 Genji; Dawn of the Samurai ...And again, many more that I can't remember. ~The two above lists are -not- in any specific order.~ Possible Fanfics: I've recently begun working on a couple of fanfics... the ideas were floating around in my head and refused to leave, so I decided to start putting them down on paper. If you wish, you can leave me a review or e-mail me and let me know what you think of the ideas and whether or not I should post them. Naruto Fanfic Ideas: Wishful Regret: (Semi-self-insertion fic. The OC character is **loosely** based off of myself.) In a moment of complete and utter emotional agony, she wishes to be somewhere else, be someone else; she wishes to be the person that she has always wanted to be. Her wish seems to have been granted, as she passes out and wakes up in the 'world of Naruto'... (AN: I may attempt a strange combination of angst and humor for this fic, although it will probably end up more general... it is starting out the way I want it to, though.) Purely Tainted: (Title may be subject to change) (OC Fic) For him, it was almost a one-night stand; for her, it was only a dream. Kakashi is assigned another member to his team by order of the Hokage. That new member is none other than the girl from that night, the girl that has haunted his dreams for the past four years... She doesn't seem to remember him, but Kakashi thinks differently and tries to unravel the secrets behind her suspicious attitude. (AN: Trying to decide whether or not to make the OC something similar to a vampire or some other creature; let me know what you think.) Crossover Fanfic Ideas: Naruto/Inuyasha Crossover: Akamon (Red Gate) (OC Fic) It was illegal, they knew, but love overuled law. She, their child, was born in Konoha as they wished, and then they fled. She would be taken, she would be sealed; that was not the fate that they desired for their daughter. Out out love, they took her, and they ran... but the secret had seeped out, and Orochimaru took interest. He, the Legendary Snake Sannin, took their daughter, murdered them both. She was to become an experiment, a subordinate under a sadistic traitor... a fate much worse than anything they had foreseen; a fate worse than death... But their daughter was not to be swayed. In a desperate attempt to escape the clutches of Orochimaru after so long, she creates her own jutsu and ends up in a different dimension... and even more alone than before. ~As you can see, I have a thing for OCs... with red and/or black hair. Red+black = favourite colours, so, yeah... :P ~
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