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    I have no idea why you are looking at my page, because I currently have no stories posted here. Maybe you're just bored? In that case, I shall have to entertain you...oh wait, no, I don't have to. Instead, I shall bore you with facts about myself. I'm currently living in Germany, but I actually don't find that all that boring. It's fucking fantastic! Um, yeah. I like music. I hate the sound my PC makes when it turns on, so I always press mute before hand. I have a Bob Marley calendar on my wall, but I don't really like his music. My desk is always messy. Always. Even after I clean it. But that really tells you nothing about who I am, does it? Too bad. For all I know, you could be a creep. Though, you're probably not. Excuse me, I'm a confrontational mood at the moment...must be the chocolate chip cookie. Okay, now I'm babbling. Stopping now.

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