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    To increase a history of slow and long between postings, I'm taking a new approach to my writing and letting my readers set my direction. Simply put, except for the occassional death grip of a stray muse or two or in the case of my wanting to start a new ML (which I'm only doing if I can christen it with a story), I'm taking notes on what you all want and using that to guideline my posts. You have a couple options. 1. request a chapter of a current WIP. Each request will get a new chapter, until the story is complete. 2. request a short fic in a fandom of your choice through a simple challenge or a quick 5-10 word improv. 3. request a short or WIP chapter for a specific Makebelieve Archive ML. I want to post all of the archive lists, so please help me out with ideas For the short fic/improv requests, please mention the fandom and/or list. You can also ask for specific characters. I do retain the option to refuse a fandom/challenge I don't feel I can do either through lack of knowledge to the fandom or a the case of too weird (Janey), but if I feel I can accomplish the request with decent results, I'll add it to the pending stories rotation as they come to my attention and do my best. If you don't get a confirmation from me, I probably missed the challenge request. Post me again.

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