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    My friends call me the 'anti-fangirl"

    I have made it my lifes work to destroy fangirls of the irriatating squealy variaty.

    I do however love my yaoi..just..ya know GOOD yaoi.

    Unfortunatly I have a very one track mind and can only obsses over one anime at a time ( and YGO, the ancient egyption part) at the moment its Bleach.

    Yup, Bleach and YGO if THAT doesnt CLEAR OF all fangirl charges, NOTHING will..>_>

    Aaanyway, i doubt Ill make many friends here. A lot of authors I know of tend to take themselves too seriously, and well, Im not even a writer, or a decent typist.

    So i am just here to read, Im a lazy yaoi-freeloader. Reading all good porn and giving nothing back.

    Eh ss'all I guess.

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