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    Salutations. R.A.B. at you service.

    My stories seek to entice the mind with both their romantic, pure beauty and likewise their erotic, lustful hideousness that is the way of the world.

    The Marquis de Sade has nothing on your's truly.
    Experience the vice and virtue of mankind, with special emphasis on the vice.
    "We eat, we shit, we fuck, we die." But remember we do in fact, on occasion, love.

    R.A.B. Post Script: If you choose to seek issue with yours truly, don't. I have no interest in people complaining that my current story 'Black Days Ahead' actually has plot and not enough senseless fucking (though true there will be some in later chapters). I love to get reviews, but be warned, I won't be polite in my response to flamers and I always respond to my reviews. Ciao.

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