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    Hello everyone, nice of you to drop by! Now just so you know, just because I write adult stuff does not mean I am a nympho and because I write Yaoi doesn't mean I am gay! I live with my boyfriend and our son and I enjoy fantasising. I have a strong imagination too :P Favorite Yaoi pairings at the moment FFVII: CloudXZack, CloudXSephiroth maybe a little CloudXVincent FFVIII: SquallXZell, SquallXSeifer, ZellXSeifer FFXI: RughadjeenXGadalar (currently working slowly on one like that) Kingdom Hearts II: SoraXRiku, RoxasXAxel, SoraXRoxas, CloudXLeon(Squall) (Pretty much the only way I could think of to get those two together, hehehe) Naruto: NarutoXSasuke, NarutoXGaara For some of my NON-adult fanfics, check out my stuff on and search for the pen name Gunblade Girl I like Yaoi, but especially soft, emotionnal Yaoi. Not that stuff where it's all about sex in the ass and where you see the word "gay" all the time. I like beautiful, tasteful yaoi. I like Het as well though :P For those who wonder since I write quite some FFXI stories, Lynuma is the name of my character on the Shiva server (Formerly Alexander, but they were merged and Shiva came out on top) and Redrelian is my boyfriend's character. We both still play now and again.

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