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    I would claim myself as a artist/ writer!! I am a Tattoo artist of seven years but have recently took my hand at writing. I find myself indulging in the arts of everyday fantasy.Finding my muse so that I could write and draw excellent stories. My mind tends to drift to these worlds often. Creating imaginative worlds for the eyes of people to see. Some people would say that my imagination is overwhelming. I find it to be quite amazing myself.My art and stories are all a part of this. Bringing worlds alive through pictures and words. Telling a tale and viewing a master piece. As a former tattoo art I have experienced this day by day. people come in for that speical one tattoo or a add on to a piece that is already there. Most have a story to tell on their skin. a memory, a life experinece, a symbol to represent themselves. When the picture comes to life, that beautiful piece of mask envoloping once bare skin permanently plastered on your body.It is more in a sense a character of you and your interest. Ok so maybe I'm a little deep here but hell what can I say: This is me, I am who I am and I love what I do!
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