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    About me? Well let's see, where can I start? ((JUST DO IT AND SHUT UP ALREADY...!!))

    That answer my question...well that ANOYING thing was my inner voice ((YOU-)) sorry (put hands in her mouth) she can be very, how to say it, sencible (cough) though anoying is the perfect word to describe her...but let's give her a little credit, though very anoying and irritant, she give me the best of my ideas and is a great help.(( of course...I'm the Queen of the World...muahahahaha)) 0.0 ok I take back my words, she is only anoying and crazy!!! ((Look who's talking . )) But enough about her. Let's talk about me. Well the basics: oh but before I start: I'M NOT CRAZY AND YES, I'M MATURE..!!! ((of course you are, compared you with a five months old baby..!!)) DIE YOU ANOYING, USELESS, GOOD-FOR-NOTHING- ((roll eyes...people is waiting you know..)) oh right sorry..!!n.n'

    Name: Valerie (though I hate it...I wanted to be called Valeria Isabelle or Victoria Isabelle...Valerie sonds so nerd...but sighs what can I do...I will not pay $200 dollars just to change my name... I can buy a lot of things with that money, right? XD) I also like being call Vad or Missy (it sounds so cute XD)...

    Gender: Female (but I think everybody figured it out, right? 0.o)

    Age: 19

    Location: Puerto Rico (that means english is not my first languahe so plz don't hate me for all my gramatical erros, and I know I have a lot..!!)

    Hobbies: Read books (specially novels and sci-fiction), sing, draw (hehe I have my own sketch book where I draw all I like, is childish I know but I love it...XD), watch TV, read and write fics, play Kingdom Hearts and Zelda, etc...

    Anime/manga: 'Fullmetal Alchemist' (dah..I have to say that the manga is more interesting and scary than the anime but i like both..oh and I must add that roy is the most handsome man in the anime world, though ed stole my heart as well, specially in the movie...drool...) ((god girl, you need glasses!!! how can't you see that ed is the hottest one!!!)) shut up!, sorry my inner voice is in love with Ed... Well I also love 'Fullmetal Panic' and 'Fullmatal Panic Fumoffu' (love you Segara!!!! Die Chidori!!!!) ((sighs)) here we both agree that segara is just...yummi. I like also 'S-cry-ed', 'X/1999' (though I prefer the manga version), 'Inuyasha', 'Cardcaptor Sakura' (Love you Syaoran, and you too Toya!!), 'Magic Knight Rayearth', 'Burst Angel', 'Tokyo Underground', 'Wolf's Rain' (OMG Kiba and Toboe are so dreamy...sighs), 'Trinity Blood', 'Trigun', 'Hellsing'... etc...

    Fav. books: 'Artemis Fowl' (is the best series of novels ever!!!!) , 'Lord of the Rings', 'Harry Potter' (I prefer the books at the movie: book 3 is my fav. ((just cause Serious is in it)) of course!! SERIOUS YOU ARE THE BEST!!! cough...and I hate the book 5 and before my inner voice say it, yes is beacuse Serious die), 'Vampire Plagues', 'Macbeth', etc...

    Movies: My fav. ever is 'Ever After'. I also love 'Lord of the rings' ((oh god, here she comes)) oh shut up!! I will not say Aragorn is the most sexy, handsome, caring, sensible, strong, good-looking man in the face of the earth..!!! (( are helpless..!!)). I like also 'Star Wars', 'Matrix', 'An Interview with a Vampire', etc...

    Well I yhink that's enough for now... but if you want to know something else don't hesitate to ask..!!!! n.~

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