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    blue94552 AT yahoo DOT com


    I'm a gal who spent her life becoming a doctor; I'm not certain I'm not a writer at heart (been writing for fun since childhood), but I'd lived a life driven by the desire for achievement and accomplishment. When I was very little, my mother, a biochemist, took me to her lab, and I was fascinated by everything I saw there; I'd always dreamt of being a scientist, and that's the route I went.

    At 38, I'm not married, have no children, and have no desire for either. I can't relate to you young kids as I'm from a different generation; I can't relate to people my age as I don't want to have kids or get married. I like practicing medicine and I like writing dirty stories in what little free time I have. I date much younger guys as all the guys my age are married, fat, or balding =)

    I wish there were more dirty old women like me with whom I could fangirl in a way I can relate to, but even if I can't relate to you, fangirl away!

    If you want to RP and aren't underage, please email me at the address above. Please don't be intimidated to write me, but understand I'd feel like a major creeper RPing with someone underage, even if the content is tame.

    * If you contact me, please tell me your age, and maybe your job and time zone, if you think they're relevant to RP time constraints; but please DON'T tell me/hint at things like your ideological, philosophical, or religious views, IQ, significant other, psychiatric/physical diagnoses, sexual orientation, what you like in bed, or any "unique and cool things about you." Your personality and writing alone should show how awesome you are, not that other stuff =)

    I'd love to RP:

    Warcraft* (Many M/M; Illidan/Kael, Wranduin, Varian/Arthas, Lothar/Khadgar etc)
    LotR*/Hobbit* (Many M/M)
    Kamisama Hajimemashita (any M/M involving Tomoe)
    Saiyuki or Patalliro Saiyuki (Many M/M)
    Harry Potter (Marauders era) (James/Sirius, Sirius/Remus)
    Free! (Many M/M)

    * = Favorites


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