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    You must be bored, huh?

    Well, since you went through all the trouble of clicking here, I guess I'll spill some personal secrets about myself, to satisfy your curiosity.

    Name is Vicki, highschool student by day and babysitter by night. I live in La, and I won't answer any of your questions about Hurricane Katrina, so please don't ask or I'll be forced to rip your head off and feed it to a crocodile C: Favorite color is green, pink milk is the sex, and I own one of the 'How many licks does it take' t-shirts. Anime and yaoi is my passion, and I do believe that if given the chance they could both single-handedly create world peace if people let them. I have two wonderful kitteh's, Salem and KiKi, and just like any other teenager I have my own personal demons that I shall soon roast on an open fire and have a Hawaiian luau with. You can come too, if you wear a grass skirt.

    I find it pointless to try and name all the animes, mangas, shows, books, and musical artist that I like since there is so much of them, but I can tell you that a good 2/3 of it can be found here on, and over on I have an account over there with the same name C:

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