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    I am addicted to Naruto Fanfics. I also like a few Inuyasha Naruto crossovers. I have way to much time on my hands. All this reading. Unfortunately I do not have the talent to write great stories. But I can always appreciate the writings of other people. I have a list of favorite authors about a mile long. But the ones at the top of my list completely capture my imagination. OK I attempted my first serious fanfic. I would really like some feedback on it. I am going to leave it as a oneshot until I can think of a name for my OC and figure out where I want the story to go. Picking out a name for an OC is like trying to find a perfect name for your own child. Very hard. I am not sure that I will ever get this particular story done. I like it, I like where it is going, it is just not talking to me anymore. I have started writing a new story Her Haven. It is slow in coming. I have a beginning and I have an ending, I just need a middle. I do not mind constructive criticism. It hwlps me improve my writing skills. If you want to tell me how much you don't like my character, story, plot, or anything else just remember, you read it. You have only yourself to blame. If you want to contact me about a comment I left on your story, or want to give me some tips, or just want to chat, email me. Just put in the subject

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