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    Haven't updated this in a long time, and holy shit has it changed since then.


    I'm a smut writer of more years than is entirely 'appropriate' for me to have been, and I've gone through a fair amount of phases in that time. Right now, I'm leaning heavily toward 'porn with plot', or at least 'porn with lighthearted and sometimes witty banter'. Sex still drives the stories, but I'd like to think they're better for a little character fleshing-out.


    For the past year and a half, my sole focus has been Pokemon, though I do want to return to Harry Potter some day and give some ideas a spin. My main works in progress are Solaceon Daycare's Excellent Adventures, a long-running pop culture reference with a Pokephilia story sometimes creeping in, and what I've dubbed the 'Shauntalverse'. The latter is a bunch of loosely-connected one-shots either featuring the gen five Elite Four member, or with the story being one of her amateur erotica novels. I'm rather proud of both of them, and suggest you check them out if you come by for some other fandom I've written for. In the case of the Shauntalverse, it is 100% bestiality free, if it helps.


    Any other series I've worked on is pretty much dead and not going to come back to life any time soon, butin the case of Just Like Jesse James in the Harry Potter section, I would love to revisit it once I feel my writing is good enough for the story and I have the drive to.

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