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    I am not dead...I just have an extremely hard time right now. I have the best beta reader in the world! A big round of applause for Dying-Inside! -glomps and snuggles- I love her so much! ^^. Hmm,what else to say. This is going to be long...I have a boyfriend, two kitties, a new girlfriend who is an extremely cool dominatrix. ^^. I'm in college, 18, hair is black with red tips right now...I'm an emo,goth,punk looking girl..but I just dress however I feel like. I don't like fakes. My ex-best friend was a total fake. I don't understand why people can't be themselves.I'm a fun person to hang out with, or at least that's what my friends say. I like sex. I'm not a slut. I've made bad decisions, but I'm not a slut. X_X. I love anime. Anime makes my world go round, besides my boyfriend and girlfriend. ^^. I adore yaoi, yuri, and sometimes hentai. I write yaoi. I don't know why, but I can't write yuri. Quite weird, eh? Favorite animes: Yami no Matsuei Naruto (Freakin Sasuke needs his own t.v. show with all the drama that he's brought..) Black Cat Uta-Kata Tactics Inuyasha Knight Hunters and tons more. Too lazy to write the rest.. I love writing...I write alot. I just don't update alot. Lol. Life is hard for me right now since I'm in college, my first year, and I'm living with my b/f, g/f, and two kitties. I'm uke. Being seme scares me. -_-' Wellll, I don't know what else to just go read my stories, please! And don't forget to review also. Love to all of my reviewers that I have out there! Thanks for being so patient for me on updating my stories! And lots of love to you my darling beta reader, Dying-Inside! -glomps-

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