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    After a LONG hiatus I'm back writing. Please go have a mooch at my older stuff (some of it's a bit pants, but feel free).

    Because of some technical issues, I currently have Queens of Angst's stories on my account too. Once they get everything up and running I'll help them transfer their stuff into their own account. Til then, I'm sure they'd ask me to ask you to have a read of their stuff (maybe nag them to finish All That You Leave Behind, as it's driving me mad that they've still not finished it!).

    My older stuff:

    Areas of Expertise; The Nothing I've Become; Low Man Is Due; Lentesco; Fall Out; The Most Difficult of All Our Tasks; Twelve Hours (not a Snarry).

    I've also posted  new things: Harry Potter and the Expert Potions Master; Derailed; and Extracts from the Diary of S Snape, Potions Master (and still not DADA teacher!). All Forms of Caution; Changes (WIP). Please read and review!

    If you want to be updated on my stories, or just want to ask a question in private, then email me on



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