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    WOOT!! Thanksgiving Mission has been translated into Portuguese!! http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4268671/1/Miss_o_de_A_o_de_Gra_as *Does a happy dance* Thank you Srta.Kinomoto I am Honored!

    Hmmm... why would you want to know about me? Oh well, since you do I will tell you a few tid bits. I am a mother of two girls. I am in extreme lust with Anime, Yaoi to be more specific. I also love Japan (even though I have never been.) I am also part of a duo called the SaiTwins check out those stories, they are sure to give you a chuckle!

    Saying Goodbye and Grabbing Attention have both been Nominated for awards at dotmoon. :)

    *Grabbing Attention lost as it should have in the dotmoon awards * Saying Goodbye took 3rd place in the dotmoon awards for which is bittersweet.

    Story Status: My Life as a Pet: In a world where pets are the norm, Naruto embraces his darker side and will do whatever it takes to make his desires a reality. (AU)I was going to make this story a very long one shot and only posted what I had due to some problems with a possible plagiarist... ON HIATUS.


    I am not posting here anymore as I am an HTML-phile and cannot bring myself to write without it. I do still write and can be found on my AO3.


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