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    I like scary, disturbing stories. And stories that mess with your head, and make you think, and force you to see something you've been trying to avoid. I believe that everyone has goodness deep inside of them and more often than not, that is what people are afraid to see--The goodness inside of somebody they would have preferred to hate. More likely than not, there is somebody in your life that irritates and repulses you--someone who has committed some unforgivable sin against you. Now...wouldn't it hurt to find out for sure that the person who had offended you was not the twisted monster that you were happier believing, but just a tragic individual that life had been cruel to? What if *you* were the villain, because you judged them without understanding them? That...is my goal as a writer. To hit you where it hurts. If any of you want to get in touch with me to talk about writing, my email address is: akitosouma@ymail.com And now for some shameless self-promotion: For those of you who like the anime Fruits Basket, you can go here to read some awesome blogs written by Fruba characters--written by yours truly!: Akito: http://godthatyoufear.blogspot.com/ Yuki: http://yukiisunavailablefordating.blogspot.com/ Shigure: http://highschoolisheaven.blogspot.com/ Ayame: http://ayameishere.blogspot.com/ Hatori: http://byappointmentonly.blogspot.com/ Kyou: http://dontbemessin.blogspot.com/ Tohru: http://momisthegreatest.blogspot.com/
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