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    ... looks up Oh, right... here should be my bio, ne?

    With what to start ... mumble

    Well, I'm a 25 yrs old, Harry Potter fanfiction addicted, female... thing *big grin*

    My friends would describe me as a nice, very shy and totally crazy (and don't forget noughty) person.

    I'm interrested in manga, anime, Harry Potter ff's and novels, especially the hard hard yaoi/ slash ones.

    My favourite pairings are Harry/ Fenrir, Harry/ Remus/ Sirius, Harry/ James, Harry/ Snape, Harry/ Fred/George, Harry/ Lucius and Harry/ Tom or Voldemort. In HP stories I like BDSM, toys, rape, moresomes, beastiality and other kinky stuff.

    You can find me on too. My nick there is the German Translation of this one. But don't worry, every thing I post there, I will also add here^^


    'Slave of the Dark' is NOT abandoned or on hiatus. I'm still working on it, but veeery slowly.

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