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    Hey there! My real name is Nichole Smith- Lopez. I'm STILL married to a wonderful man and mother of 11 beautiful children, and 2 wonderful grandbabies!  Who are my biggest fans!  Especially, my hubby Jorge.  He reads every chapter I write, no matter how embarrassing it is for him. (I love you Joey!) I'm a native of Boston, MA, and a chef at a college in Boston. My children got me into anime, and I have been an anime nut ever since. I have a rather exsensive collection of dvds, tapes, cds, and mangas. I am mostly an action/adventure/romance(hentai) fan. The children are now working on their father. We'll get him into it soon! ^__~ I like shows like the classic 'Fist of the North Star' the original, but the new one is cool too! My favorite couples are AlucardXSeras, GunterXGwendal, YuuriXWolfram, YukiXShuichi, AkihitoXAsami, InuYashaXKagome, SesshomaruXRin (older Rin), and InuXSess. I have developed a taste for yoai. Its pretty HOT

    B reading U all!


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