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    These stories also reside at under the author name "Linkin Fantasy" and some at under "Resting-Madness" and Fictionpress username "2Bsteampunk".

    All of the stuffs at mediaminer, its alot, will eventually find its way here. Drop me an email if you want, at but please put my username Resting-Madness in the sub or a story title so its not tossed by mistake because it might be seen as junk mail. Thanks :-)

    I love it when writers do this... Hopefully, it'll stay sincere.

    What's to come & Work in Progress:

    Death Note: Another note: Kira's Ghost - sequel.

    Report Back To..:  Resident Evil Outbreak

    More to be added and taken away when necessary. Thanks for looking at my page, *stress* I just can't figure out how to get an avatar.

    News: I'll be revising my other Final Fantasy stories. I found my notes and saw that soooo much was missing, and I wanna give it a round two sort of shot. I don't know when I'll do it, but it'll get done. I hope you'll all read them when they're done.

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