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    These stories also reside at under the author name "Linkin Fantasy" and some at under "Resting-Madness" and Fictionpress username "2Bsteampunk".

    All of the stuffs at mediaminer, it's alot, will eventually find its way here.... Maybe :)

    I love it when writers do this... Hopefully, it'll stay sincere.

    Work in Progress:

    Imagine Me with You: Beyblade TysonxZeo

    What's to Come:

    Keep the Camera Rolling..:  Resident Evil Outbreak

    I'm Not Your Gurl: Original

    Breaking Character: Final Fantasy VIII SquallxIrvine. SeiferxZell

    More to be added and taken away when necessary.

    News: I'll be revising my other Final Fantasy stories. I found my notes and saw that soooo much was missing, and I wanna give it a round two sort of shot. I don't know when I'll do it, but it'll get done. I hope you'll all read them once that happens.

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