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    Hi, my name is Michael Hawkins, but you can call me Kevin, Leafy, Landfall, or Roscoe (as I have gone by all). I'm a slash author mostly, but recently have been getting into more serious fantasy. Hopefully I'll get published some day for a few original pieces that I'm working on. Unfortunately the career choice of aspiring artist doesn't pay all that well, so Iím pretty much broke. I'm an animal lover, from kittens and puppies, to kangaroos and emus; the cuter the better. I own a couple of cats myself: a vicious she-bitch named Desdemona (whom I love very much), named in honor of Shakespeare's classic, Othello, and a cuddly bundle of fat named Isis for her brilliant blue eyes and sandy fur. I'm not generally a people person, and can't stand children, but I identify well with animals; I'm not too sure why, honestly. Iím 20, and have accomplished pretty much nothing in life. I just hang out and go where the winds blow me. Although I flunked out of high school, I still consider myself to be quite gifted in the art of writing. Too bad that penning porn is one of my few marketable skills. I try to update my stories and focus on one or two at a time as often as I can, but my writing can be controlled by mere fate and whimsy sometimes. I'm a gamer, to those of you who don't understand: That means I'm a nerd. Dungeons and Dragons is one of my favorite hobbies. I enjoy all pen and paper games as well as many card games, but have long since weaned off of them due to the unnecessary expense. I'm not much of a computer or console player, though. I am often online as of recently, since I have just again gained internet access, which I've been lacking for several months. I love to debate philosophy or just have an intelligent conversation. I also like it when I'm randomly contacted for one of the above by people I don't know. Well, that's really enough about me, since I'm sure you're all more concerned about the actual fiction. So enjoy yourselves, and leave some feed-back if you have the time. One final note, I will be returning to writing a unfinished work of mine set in the Forgotten Realms world of Toril entitled 'Taming the Rogue' shortly. I've been distracted by other things for about a year. Please enjoy my newest addition, the romantic-comedy Cupid, in the 'originals' section. As always, in-depth reviews are appreciated. Update 10/30/08: All right, so Iíve been on hiatus for a long time, and I mean a long time. But now I am back and will fully devote my spare time to putting updating my work on a constant, or at least reasonable, basis. Iíve stripped my account of all but one story currently to focus on actually finishing things, one at a time, and reworking the older pieces. I apologize to everyone who waited for me to update an existing work for naught. Please be patient, and as always, feedback is not only welcome, but encouraged.

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