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    I'm a gamer, but also a writer in my part time. I've also recently begun my journey in the BDSM world so the parts of my stories involving that are taken from that side of me. In that world I'm a domme, sadist, and hedonist. All of my stories are read beforehand by my lovely submissive, Rose and her approval is granted before each submission. 

    I'm 30 and have been writing since I was 14. I love my Draco/Hermione and Draco/Harry pairings. In all my stories there's usually an OC but not always. I adore stories that have a good plot to them, but also a lil kink. Currently I am working on perfecting my stories that are posted and uploading them again with the updates. The current one Inheriting Your Trust has been renamed to Trust of the Elements and each chapter is being reviewed and edited. Once I edit each chapter, I will start uploading the new ones I've written. After that is finished, I will continue with my other stories.

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