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    My name is classified. I'm eighteen years old. I'm female just to let you all know. I live in the United States. I love to write. Both short stories and long. Both poems and songs. I like to make mostly AU fanfiction though I do original works as well. My stories have twists in them. They are sometimes considered unusual and dramatic. Though, that's how I like it. This is the same with my poems. They have an unusual flavor to them as well. Though, they can be beautiful and yet depressing at the same time. You may like my stories or maybe not. It is up to you. If you don't like what I write, don't read my work. The categories I write in are for movies, games and anime. Some short poems and such may be put up in these categories soon. My original works will probably be in these categories as well. Maybe in others too such as romance. I have poems that I will be putting up soon. .Opposite Attraction.

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