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    Well, my name's Alicia, I just turned 18 a little while ago, and I love writing and reading, whether they be books or fanfictions on websites. I really love anime, cats, sugar, green tea, writing, reading, drawing( yes I'm good as well.) and I want to be a phsycologist or some sort of scientist. I also like to listen to Japanese music and I find a lot of it way better than American, but I do like bands from both countries. I also like to paint, but I prefer watercolor. I love cooking and eating my cooking, my boyfriend doesn't complain either, but I like eating healthy. I'm about 5'5, I have long black-brown hair that has a natural wave to it, my eyes are bright ice blue as my boyfriend says, and I'm healthy and fit. No excess body fat, since I work out at the gym once a week and I jog about three miles every morning. Of course nothing beats sitting down and eating junkfood and watching anime.

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