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    Hello Authors! First thing I said while filling out this profile..."Oh sh*t, what the hell's an avatar?!" Before I got an account, (is that the right term? oh, well) I posted comments under the initials "AAB". If you are reading this and got one of these comments, please reply- I'd love to hear from you. I do not write stories as translating thoughts into printed words is difficult and very time consuming for me. You would be surprised how long this profile took. Strangely enough, I would like to explore beta-ing as I do believe I have decent editing skills, (don't want to seem too full of myself!) but I don't know much about how to get involved...Yet. I will post looking for fics that I've lost track of. And I may reach out to authors I feel comfortable with to share ideas that may be developed into stories. "Worst thing about me:" I am a perfectionist- even though I am sensitive to criticism and try not to be too critical with others. "Best thing about me:" In case you haven't already noticed, I have one hell of a sense of humor! Sites like THIS are the reason NOTHING gets done around my house!!

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