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    I am a 40-year-old manga maniakku, -- particularly of "InuYasha" and "Yu Yu Hakusho," although I follow many, many series. I'm a college history professor with 4 kids, 1 very tall, brilliant, but oblivious male I call "husband," a bassett hound, and a bipolar cat. I live in chaos and I wouldn't have it any other way. ^_^ If you want to know what kind of fanfics I write, -- Kagome will always be my heroine. She's got it all: a big, loving heart, that accepts people, and youkai, unconditionally; she's brave, loyal, and she never gives up, even when the odds are stacked against her; she accepts responsibility for her mistakes and takes action to correct them; and she admits and accepts her own weaknesses. Kagome-sama, I salute you! And as much as I love Inuyasha, he's had too much time and made too many bad choices (Kikyou) to be the hero of my story. I will definitely read good Inu/Kag fanfics -- at least he can make the right decisions in them. ^_~ But in MY stories, I'm going to set Kagome up with someone much more deserving, and appreciative, of her wonderfully unique qualities, -- like Hiei. Now THERE'S a youkai who won't waver or allow his loyalties to be divided. Woo hoo!

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