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    Both the lurker and an author. Grateful for all reviews, as long as they are honest and expressed politely. I shall not respond to any vulgar messages and reviews intended to start the unnecessary arguments.

    I am a fan of Bleach anime and manga, though I am enthralled by Ai no Kusabi as well.

    I write in English, but I most certainly am not a native speaker.

    My stories are usually written in British English (because I'm head over heels in love with it!), so please do not accuse me of making spelling mistakes or using words that are not included in Webster's Comprehensive Dictionary of the English Language.

    Oh, if you are Polish or can read stories written in this language, I invite you to explore Kirst Luv's world. Kirst is my original character, who happens to be a very mysterious individual with some serious problems to solve. Our first encounter with Kirst is when he's brought to hospital, badly wounded and unconscious, at the verge of losing his life. Or so it seems. Want to know more? Read the story. There's plentitude of surprises to come!

    Here's the link to the first part:


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