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    Wow, a whole new look!

    Well, welcome to my page of stories. A lot of what you see here needs to be edited for either spelling, grammar or content, but feel free to read whatever you find. I am proud of everything I have posted in one way or another, and I write things with logical reasoning to their conclusion.

    As for me, I am a 28 Recreational Activities Officer living in Melbourne, Australia. My hobbies include karaoke, reading, movie reviews, blogging, video games, spirituality and paganism, working out and (of course) writing. 

    Yes, I'm into the gay stuff, because I write what I know about. I try to be different, but I'm not always going to be graphic, depending on my mood when I'm writing. Some of my work reflects my own life and experiences, while others are sexual fantasies I have either had, been told of or found in porn.

    Well, now that I have done that, I will let you go forth and read. I am willing to hear your reviews and love to discuss my work and the work of others. Hoping you will review and contact me,

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