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    Welcome to Fareys Delights profile.

    To keep this simple: I am over the Age of 18. I love Reviews and if you leave your e-mail will TRY to respond. Otherwise I respond in the next chapter posted on that story. Unless that story is done then I just edit at the end.

    Link to the livejournal that you may need: http://homeoffanfics.livejournal.com/profile

    Working on as of May 24, 2016:

    Breath Unto Me
    A Bleach/Devil May Cry/Kuroshitsuji Crossover
    This story is a part of the Whisper to Me series and has two different endings planned for it. This is because I couldn't decide as to what I should do with it.

    Our Truths
    A Naruto Story
    This story is slated to be posted after Jim Kirk: Legally Blond! ends. So I'm finishing it up and editing it as we speak. It's going to be around 60 some odd chapters, so expect at least 30 weeks or about 7 plus months of posting twice a month.
    It's going to focus on Naruto and the desk chunins. You'll see what I mean when I start posting.

    Untitled Avengers/Bleach Fiction
    This will probably be posted after Breath Unto Me while I write Whisper to Me Arc 2, and I have no idea what I'm going to call it. Where it's going to go. And what the final pairings are going to be. I'm currently rewriting the first 24 chapters of it. It was my 2014 National Novel Writing Month story so yeah, I'm working on getting it off of my list. Going through the ones that are catching my attention the most. So yeah, keep a look out for this.

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