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    I tend to rant and gush and be overly-friendly with people I don't know. I have a bottomless capacity of energy and I love to make friends! If you need someone to listen or talk to about ANYTHING, feel free to ask me. I would love to be your friend and get to know you better, whoever you are! For me, writing is a deeply zen experience, something never done with the mind but with the heart. There is nothing in the world I love more than sitting down and churning out the very colors of my soul in the form of literature, and I hope you might find something I've written that you'll enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing it! I'm also on DA as tatteredmemory, and my writings are posted in the comm sugarhell on LJ, while the TamaHaru ones are also located under the username sugarsky on LJ. My FFN username is Moonchild10, too. I'm a strong supporter of gay rights, so if you don't believe in that sort of thing and want to start up an argument, chances are we won't get along. I also don't believe that love is restricted by gender or age, and that right and wrong aren't always two different things. I'm an extremely open-minded person and closed-minded people bother me more than anything in the world. I don't tend to write a whole lot of yaoi or slash anymore, but that really has nothing to do with supporting gay rights. I don't understand why people say if you only write het, you're a homophobe. It seems a little silly to me.

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