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    Well Met,

    I will read just about anything, good writing or characters tend to override genre's for me. My writing tends to reflect what I'm reading, so while my first instinct to write is M/F, a lot of my stories lately have had M/M elements.

    If anyone wants to email me, you may do so at eve.leighauthor@gmail.com

    Salway Slut Trilogy

    Control – Completed – From 4-14 Joseph is a pleasure slave, owned by the brutal pedophile Anthony Salway. At fourteen he is sold out of that life and becomes a companion to the sweet innocent Evlyn Donnolly. Joseph has to learn how to be a normal teen while doing what he can to protect Evlyn.

    Becoming – WIP, updating Fridays. With Evlyn in college, Joseph is sold to the SM club The Spiders Web where he had been working on and off since he was 16. But when he confronted Salway at the club, he also became the guardian to ten year old Matt, the pleasure slave Salway had brought with him. Joseph now has to navigate life torn between enjoying his life as slave to the club, while needing to take care of Matt who wants a normal life.

    Title would be as spoiler – rough plotpoints started, Becoming got very long, making a third book necessary


    Flawless - Possible story to come - beta readers welcome, email me if interested. Slightly sci/fi story. Less than 1% of the population is deemed Flawless, these people look different, age slowly, hair never greys, eyes never deteriorate, etc., but they also emanate a certain allure. They draw everyone towards them, they are often swarmed on the streets, groped and kissed, sometimes raped. Because of this almost all Flawless after graduting high school end up on reality TV most often as porn stars, it affords them a certain amount of protection while giving the public 24/7 access. The other option is to apply for Celebrity status, they are not paid, but they live extremely well, depending on how the public votes on their lives (who they marry, where they live, when to have kids). Each Flawless also has at least one trait, for some it is to super charismatic, having Sense (a sort of psychic ability), others actually give off strong pheromones and aphrodisiacs.

    Cyrus is a Flawless, his traits are heightened charisma/manipulation. Eschewing the idea of being a Celebrity, he goes for the reality tv shows, he manages to get for himself a 23/7 dedicated channel, practically unheard of for a just graduataed Flawless. But he has something most Flawlss don't at 18: his virginity, and he's selling it for as much as possible.


    I've only got one abandoned story, My Name is Mud, and it's still up because I don't have a copy of it anywhere else anymore, but who knows, I may re-write it...

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