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    Everything I have out here is a bit of a mishmash. I still read Marvel and DC and I much prefer the comics verse to the movieverse. I ship the good stuff: RoLo, Beggie *Archies*, LoMy, any pairing in the Outsiders *particularly Grace/Anissa*, any pairing in the New Mutants, and Gundam Wing. Note: My Superstories account might not exist anymore, so my Rahne/Dani stories might have bit the dust when they got rid of the archive. I'm okay with this; that account hosted my oldest, least edited stories. :p

    Aside from fanfiction, I enjoy this site, too: http://originalceenote.deviantart.com/. I had a Livejournal community called PadnatsForever for a while, but I don't keep up my moderating duties. LJ is also rife with spam and the new format is a hot mess. I keep my LoMy stories out there, as well as a few pieces of artwork centering on Logan and Remy. Or, the Yahoo group Gambit_Wolverine. It's an awesome place to hang out and read fic. I've begun recommending reading here. If you don't see something of yours that I've reviewed favorably, it isn't that I didn't mean to include you. I love A LOT of things I read here.

    Additional Note: I don't always update my stories out here as often as I used to. My muses are pushing me in other artistic directions, even though I haven't completely left fandom. I hope to update just frequently enough that people don't forget what my stories are even about, and lose interest in them in the face of having to go back and reread. But if that happens, that's life. I actually have one. Go figure.

    Happy reading. Happy creating.

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