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    Welcome to my little corner of a fantastic website! I write all sorts of fanfics, though most are erotica/violence oriented, and tend to be in the NC-17 range. It's wonderful to have a place that allows that sort of story to shine! All of my fan fics from several genres are posted here, so if you like one, I invite you to read the others, too. Just peek at the warnings, just in case. Thank you so much for your kind reviews and wonderful comments on my stories posted here! Your encouragement and compliments make my day! I'll try not to be too long on updating with new chapters, but I am juggling a lot at once, so thank you for your patience. Working on these stories has taught me more about the craft of writing than all the college classes I've taken on writing combined!

    I will be attempting to find more time to update my other work-in-progress stories here, some of which are so late in getting updated, and I apologize for that. I'd love to find the time some day to edit the older ones, too. Real life gets in the way, but I promise I will finish them all.

    Personal FanFiction Site: I have a WordPress blog (link below). All of my stories will be posted there as time permits.

    Most of my stories posted here are completed (though some are in need of edits), and a few are still works in progress.

    In closing, I have some threads on the AFF forum, so if you ask something in a review, I'll attempt to answer it in that story's forum thread as time permits. I'm not online everyday, but I keep an eye on these stories here as often as I can. If you want a quicker response, my email and Twitter are at the top of each of my stories. Thanks again for reading and reviewing! - AnonGrimm

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