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    Not much to say, accept that I have a really, really sick mind, but I would never fathom actually acting out any of the stuff I write about...

    I used to say I do requests, if I think they have potential, but honestly with my having gotten old and busy, the likelihood of me following through on requests is next to nil. Any writing time for AFF is probably going straight to my existing fics or a very few new ones. However, never say never, so email me if you have an idea for a fic.

    1. I almost write exclusively rape fiction or domination and bondage themed scenarios. Angst is my middle name.
    2. I am not particularly keen on pregnancy.
    3. No snuff. Rape is bad enough, but snuff is just sick
    4. No M/M. I'm a straight male who respects homosexuality but doesn't find personal appeal in it.

    If you're a member of the AFF forums and like my fics, do friend me on there, it's always a cool thing to do.

    Idols on AFF: Deathstalker, VGSS, Legilmyth, wierdmeijin, excalibur541, and hunteropera

    Email me at or review my fics, if it pleases you.

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