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    UPDATE 4-1-2014- I'm back and intend to start writing and posting again. No, this is not an april fool's joke! :) Thank you to all of those that continued to comment and read in my absense!


    Hey, I'm new here as of April 2006. I got here at a hectic time, but I've been a reader since about February of 2006. I love Yu Yu Hakusho, but it is not the only anime I know. I am a true anime lover, there are few anime I won't watch or don't like. I will write a lot of different types of stuff ranging from the cutesy to the mentally darranged. There are likely to almost always be strong sexual and possibly violent themes to my stories. I will write some Yaoi, some non, Some lemon, some lime, and some just plain smutt. Don't worry all my stories will be clearly marked. I hope everyone enjoys my stories and gives me lots of great reviews! I am a real big fan of the the Kurama/Hiei pairing, but as I said you will see other pairings as well. Please enjoy my stories, and my style. As always, requests are welcome. Also, I'm completely open to betaing stories, so if you'd like someone to do that, feel free to contact me! RaineTensai@hotmail.com

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