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    I am a hopeless Potterotica addict. (Plot, PWP, depends on what mood I'm in at the moment)I read far too much fanfiction to ever be considered normal. It sucks me in and it's my guilty pleasure

    The Potterverse is incredible with it's wealth of possibilities, both with magic and compelling characters. There are infinite scenarios and dynamics to consider and play with.I'm mostly into M/M slash, but like Het too on occasion, especially F/M/M! I'll read just about anything that involves the hardness and horniness of men's bodies-- the uncontrollable lust of males calls out to me and I love everything about it.I love to write, but it has to be when the muse strikes me and an idea just won't let me go. I truly enjoy painting with language and it's very satisfying to me to weave words into a story.

    I write smutlets that I want to read but haven't seen yet, mostly to entertain myself but in hopes of intriguing others as well.I love reviews (who doesn't?) but WILL NOT beg or hold stories hostage to receive them-- I just adore them when they DO come-- and appreciate the feedback all the more for being given freely and not being coerced in any way.I'm a perv, I know.... There are many things I can read with enjoyment that I could never condone in real life. But that's just it: It's fantasy, it's fun, it makes you think, it makes you feel.... it's detached yet interesting. With all that we've all explored in this realm, it's nice to know there's other kindred spirits out there. It takes a lot to squick me out, so bring it on!

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