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    I'm a 20something wallflower with an overactive imagination and a little yaoi-loving demoness on my shoulder. I have an odd fondness for yaoi tentacle porn and mpreg. My favorite pairings are: AlucardxAnderson AlucardxWalter VashxWolfwood/WolfwoodxVash (They're such a good pairing and can be very flexible in uke and seme roles. I've even read stories where they flipped a coin to see who'd top.) Valenwind (I SO want to see more uke!Cid stories!) LxRaito RyukxRaito (I have very weird tastes) JetxSpike (There is not enough CB yaoi on this site!) ShigeruxHatori DxLeon JinxMugen DarkLinkxLink GreedxKimblee MaesxRoy ZenigataxLupin SanjixZoro KirkxSpock KakaIru HousexWilson HousexChase TritterxHouse My favorite author is Flora Winters, because she crafts such refined, well-written stories and is very good at creating vibrant, meaningful, lifelike OCs.

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