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    Hi! This is ChibiRinni. I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE anime fan and will read just about anything I come across. I got hooked onto YGO and have been writing YGO Yaoi ever since. I tend to write YamiXHikari pairs, KXJ, HXO, and MXN. I know my updates are slow a lot, but I promise to give 25+ pages with each update. Just be patient with me. I am not one to EVER give up on a story, even if it takes me forever to finish sometimes. I promise to update soon and for those who want emails when I update, let me know in a review and I will add you to the list. Any other questions? Feel free to email me or review or what not. See you soon and enjoy the stories! ~ChibiRinni ^_^ On a side note. Do to the fact that I was a few months early of being 18 when I first posted my stories, they were deleted. I am RE-posting ALL of my stories AGAIN and I APOLOGIZE to the reviewers who I didn't get to thank or use their pairing ideas (for my Fairy Tales Gone Yu-Gi-Oh! series). I am still working on all these stories and plan to have new ones uploaded VERY SOON. I have since lost my beta (wouldn't mind finding a new one despite really missing my old one), but have gotten my inspiration back! You will be seeing more of me VERY, VERY soon. (End of rant.)

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