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    I've found I have this tendency to just ignore things I feel don't make sense in a story, or are otherwise just plain dumb, so keep in mind that what I write is my version of events and can/will deviate from cannon. I detest formal yaoi (the kind most girls seem to like, the stuff where one guy's a douchebag with long flowing hair and the other guy is basically an emotional woman with a penis). I also hate it when there's an agressive shithead and a weak, forgiving retard. Nothing ruins a story like some dick doing some stupid, dumbass thing and getting off practically scot free. I'm all for forgiveness, but there's gotta be some repentance. And by "some" I mean make the fucker bleed. ... Um, that little rant aside, I like hardcore man-sex. Once in a while I like reading about some girl getting plowed. I dig WoW, elves, demons, Kyo/Haru, Raziel the Soul Reaver, and secretly wish I was Dante (mostly for the coat and unlimited ammo). My favorite couple of all time is Ichigo and Grimmjaw from Bleach, even though I feel that most stories out there don't come near to doing them justice. My ideal man is the Count from Sesame Street (search for "The Count goes Shopping" on YouTube). I enjoy writing, reading, and comments. Nothing gets me more stoked than the english language. Read my stories, love 'em, hate 'em, but please, PLEASE tell me why. If you can't think of something, think about it like this. I work hard on every single aspect of my story- from the minor characters to the syntax of speech. Comment on that! Tell me if you like a particular phrase, tell me if you like pets and best friends! Nothing encourages an author more than jumping the gun and slathering him with compliments, so... yeah. Review! wanderingaddict at yahoo.com if ya feel like dropping me a line, feel free to chat.

    status: still alive as of [(11/11/12)] [if six months pass from the last time this was changed, you can probably assume I'm dead or something] Ceald Amothien: 0 words[(10k minimum)] Dyad: Kreshjur and Kajin- 4,321 words [(sudden addition of another chapter) 'cause I'm trying to finish Ceald!]

    okay, I am totes alive yo, but recharging mah writin' lazer. have to get stuff up and redo my rec fics and authors an' shit 'cause this site is all like, all kinds of just crunked up yo


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