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    What to say... Hm... I'm a busy 18-year-old who still acts like a kid =). School work has taken up a LOT of my time, but writing helps me relax, so that's why I'm here. I absolutly love anime, I'd have to say my all time favorite would be Inuyasha. My Writings will mainly be Inuyasha. My favorite pairings are: (They are in order my favorvite first and so on.) Inuyasha 1. Sesshomaru/Kagome 2. Kouga/Kagome 3. Inuyasha/Kagome Stories A Feudal Fairytale Summary: Once apon a time there was a handsome King and a beautiful Queen. A fairytale of betrayal, lust, sorrow, and love. Sesshomaru/Kagome, Future lime, and Lemons. Chapters Chapter 1 Prologue 100% Chapter 2 ???????? 2%

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