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    Hey! I'm Rabid Creature and I coauthor a small few of my stories with my best friend, Little Creature (LC). I write them and she rewrites them (aka makes them good) but, as of late, I tend to write my own (mainly the originals) stories and she edits the grammar if she has time. My main focus is originals. I took a two year hiatus from writing to finish up school but now I'm back! Please forgive me for my absence. Hopefully, it won't happen again. I have a livejournal account so if you're really curious about what's going on with me, you can go check that out. :) Enjoy and I hope you all like my stories! :D


    09/015/2013 Update: I've changed my email address from dos_animeangels to rabidcreature@hotmail.com. Snow Bunny updates by the end of the day!

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