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    I enjoy obscure pairings with realistic dialogue and plot. Harry/Narcissa or Harry/Bellatrix if done properly. Harry/Ginny I like if done canon. I despise it in fics when people change a characters attitude towards another character. Most despised is when the author has Harry or any other student go on a first-name basis with a teacher. I think its stupid, OOC and un-canon. Another thing thats really irritating is idiotic pet names that arent even cute or attractive such as Hermy or Herms used by Harry or Ron or any other character. Herms sounds suspiciously like something related to herpes and hermy sounds like something along the intelligence level of Grawp..... I guess that says something about the authors who use that. hint hint. P.S. it appears the profile editor refuses to allow me to use apostrophes. so excuse my grammar.

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